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Tesselétudes are seven collections of arpeggio-based études for student musicians.


The works were first written when it became clear to me that students often found arpeggios a meaningless addition to their practise routine and didn't appreciate their function as outliners of one of the most extraordinary elements of music, that of harmony.

These pieces are designed to be engaging for young musicians, with easy piano accompaniment parts included to best allow the students' teachers to provide accompaniment during lessons (I had an eye to the instrumental music teacher who tinkered on piano [which musician doesn't?] but didn't regard themselves as a proficient pianist.) The flute and cello versions also have duet versions (two flutes or two celli) as another accompaniment option.

These works are closely aligned with the Australian Music Examination Board syllabus from Preliminary Grade to Grade 4 and are designed to give students clear, practical and musical applications of the wonderful world of arpeggios.

There are currently Tesselétudes for the following instruments:

Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

Recordings and example scores are included below:

Skyline Blues - alto saxoponeTaran Carter
00:00 / 01:45
The Shipwreck Coast - alto saxophone - 30_6_2023, 12.17 pmTaran Carter
00:00 / 00:28
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